Meghann Jesneck

“I’m going back to the office soon, and I know a lot of us have been ….. foregoing … things like makeup, pants, etc. for the past two years. To get me ready to impress and feeling confident, I reached out to Onor for their MAKEUP EXPERIENCE. I spoke with an expert over video chat, no judgment, from the comfort of my own home, in the privacy of my room, for 45 minutes and enjoyed every minute of it. My makeup artistry expert was Neha, a friendly, lovely person connecting to me all the way from India. I enjoyed embracing cultural differences while also focusing on the things that were universal: desire to feel our best in our own skin as often as possible. She was able to both generally discuss a beauty and makeup routine, as well as answer specific questions. There were times I talked and she gave feedback, times I put on makeup and she watched, and other times where I watched her. It flowed easily, and Neha was great at pausing when needed, yet also keeping us moving in our time slot. Through the Onor Makeup Experience, I wrote down a page of tips, learned some new things while reinforcing a few “old” tricks, AND met new people to share my passion with. WIN, WIN, WIN!!”

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